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Main Procedures Needed in GSV 反恐主要程序1. Management Procedure of Cargo & Container货物货柜管理程序2. Security Guard Handbook保安手册3. Management Procedure for Emer

Main Procedures Needed in GSV 反恐主要程序

1. Management Procedure of Cargo & Container货物货柜管理程序

2. Security Guard Handbook保安手册

3. Management Procedure for Emergency Cases紧急应变管理程序

4. Employee Handbook员工手册

5. Recruitment Procedure (E1 including employee’s family members, education background, working experiences, home telephone number, ID copy, Identity verifying, etc. )招聘程序(E1包括家庭成员,教育背景,工作经历,家庭电话,身份证复印件,身份核查等)

6. Detailed Security Rules & Regulations安全细则

7. Supplier’s Working Standards供应商作业标准

8. Employee Reporting Procedure of Potential Security Problems员工报告潜在安全隐患程序

9. Warehouse Management Procedure 仓库管理程序

10. Quality Inspection Procedure (Standards) 质量检验程序(标准)

Other Documents & Records 其他资料及记录

1. Container Loading/Unloading Records装柜卸柜记录

2. Cargo Labels in Warehouse仓库货物标记卡

3. Customers’Agreement or Documents客人的资料

4. Shift Records and Patrol Records of Security Guards保安轮班记录和巡逻记录

5. Badge Checking Records厂牌检查记录

6. Staff Name Roll in Security Guard Boot保安处全厂花名册

7. Checking Records of Visiting Vehicles来访人员车辆登记表

8. Checking Records of Employee Vehicles员工车辆登记表

9. Checking Records of Trucks货车检查记录

10. Security Guard Training Records保安培训记录

11. Records of Returned Articles after Resignation辞工物品交还表

12. Counter Terror Training Records反恐培训记录

13. Incoming & Outgoing Records of Facility’s Vehicles厂车登记表

14. Registration Certificates of Security Guards 保安上岗证

15. Patrol Cards throughout the Facility 巡逻登记卡

Requirements in Hardline 硬件方面的要求

1. At least 2 meters high of bounding walls围墙高度为2米以上

2. Sufficient Lighting inside and outside the factory厂区内有足够的照明

3. CCTV Systems (Covering fty gates, bounding walls, loading areas, goods receiving area, final goods warehouse, parking area, etc. ) 电子安全系统(覆盖范围有: 大门,围墙,装货区, 卸货区, 成品仓, 停车场)

4. Separate & Independent Warehouse for Final Goods独立的成品区

5. Parking Area Separated from Loading Area装卸区与停车场分开

6. Another Complete Set of Keys to All Accesses 人事部也要求有一整套钥匙





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